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The ESG Challenge

From material risk to competitive advantage and improved financial outcomes

The central role of embedded governance, leadership, capability
and culture on value creation and portfolio risk


Investors need information about the future ESG performance of their long-term investments

Without it, portfolio risk increases and can lead to less attractive investment outcomes.


Embed ESG principles into the operations and the culture of the organisation

Embedding and integration are needed to transform ESG into a competitive advantage

Helping organisations address these two challenges is our business


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GLCC - Our approach to ESG risk and value creation

We look inside the organisation, ‘below the waterline’, to understand and report current and future ESG strengths and risk exposures.
Creating value while managing risk requires transforming ESG from an imposition that could damage performance into a positive that strengthens and accelerates business. It is a move from a perceived cost into an opportunity to build strategic resilience and future proof the business.
We can assist you with measuring GLCC and offering guidance for its improvement up-down and across the organisation.
It implies integrating four key organisational components (see GLCC on right) as a mechanism towards building a synergy for sustainability change and transformation. 
These four elements (GLCC) are the drivers of performance. Future proofing the business means enhancing and leveraging them for higher performance and at the same time for ESG success. 

ESG leadership drives ESG values, culture, commitment, skills,  attitudes, behaviours, engagement, alignment, performance and ability to adapt and change. GLCC is the predictor of ESG and sustainability success, and of higher performance.

How investors and businesses benefit

Benefits for investors

Better informed and more successful investment decisions, based on:

  • Better insights into the ESG values, leadership and capability of organisations.

  • These leading indicators appraise ESG risk and future ESG performance, and enable comparisons between organisations.

Benefits for boards and organisations

Give boards new visibility into ESG values, attitudes and behaviours inside their organisation.

Empowers boards and senior management

  • Demonstrate organisational ESG commitment and leadership.

  • Secure organisation’s social licence to operate.

  • Access cheaper finance – more attractive to investors.

  • Secure operational advantages  - seize new opportunities.

“Evidence is emerging that a better ESG score translates
to about  10 percent lower cost of capital, as the risks that affect your business are reduced.”
“Reduce carbon footprint if you want cheap finance”
NAB - in, 8 Dec 2023
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GLCC - How it works

Our ESG leadership and capability assessment is simple, practical and effective.

Reduce ESG risk,
open new opportunities, better financial results
Improve ESG
leadership and embed it in
the organisation’s DNA
Share this information, empower boards, investors and advisors
Find out the real
drivers of ESG governance,
risk and performance

Our reports give detailed understanding of the ESG leadership situation in the organisation.

They promote guide actions, improvements, change.

We can assist you in all the stages of your journey, from assessment to financial gains through strong ESG leadership and capability.

We deliver outstanding and transformative value, and always work towards giving you, the client, a great ROI you will be proud of.

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A new, better GPS for business that guides us towards our objectives.

Jane Stafford, Executive General Manager, Insurance, Personal Injury Claims, Suncorp

"You have to be really clear about what you’re trying to accomplish and create the environment where ideas that align with your purpose and priorities can come from anywhere, at any time, and be acted on to change things for the better.

Steve Vamos, CEO, Xero

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