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Transformation Fitness - Why It Matters

70% of transformation programs fails to deliver the planned value (BCG, McKinsey), and considering that 75% of those fail because of non-technical reasons, measuring and managing transformation fitness is of utmost importance.

Transformation fitness relates to the leadership, culture, agency, engagement, change readiness, human needs and growth, and focus on execution.

At the planning stage, transformation fitness tells management whether the organisation, its teams and people are ready for the journey. And if not, it helps the organisation get ready and fit before embarking on the journey.

During implementation, transformation fitness tells management whether people are ‘on the bus’, whether they contribute to helping ‘drive the bus’, or whether they are jumping ‘off the bus’.

In all cases transformation fitness gives management advance notice of systems and people related challenges that are likely to occur or are developing, with guidance as to how to correct the situation. That is, how to raise the level of ‘fitness for purpose’ in the organisation and its teams, and increase the odds of overall success.

Our purpose is to provide organisations and teams planning or undergoing change or transformation with detailed and relevant information about their transformation fitness, that is, their underlying capability to bring their plan or program to fruition, and how to improve it.

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