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Bring new opportunities to life with change readiness

Change readiness is the foundation for the successful execution of change. With it you can bring new opportunities to life.

Change is like growing a new tree or new crop, and change readiness refers to the quality of the soil in which the plant grows. No matter how good the care, the new plant will not thrive if the soil is poor. At the organisational level, no matter how much effort is put into a change activity, if the pre-conditions are not favourable, then success is far from assured and effort may be wasted.

The best approach is to check the quality of the soil before planting so that the new plant has the best chance of success. If the soil is poor, then it is best to take active measures to improve it. When it is more fertile, the new plant will then draw on the nutrients in the soil to grow and thrive. It is the same with organisations, good soil corresponds to high change readiness, and it has to be at the right level for change to succeed.

Change readiness can be measured. Once measured, aspects that need improving can be identified and enhanced. When done, the team or organisation can embark on change with a heightened degree of confidence that new opportunities can come to life and bear fruit through the process of change.

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Paul Guignard, Ph.D.

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